Life events

Veracity Advisers is dedicated to our clients throughout their life. From creating your first income protection plan to retirement, we will support you with personalized strategies. We understand the big picture and want to help you achieve your life goals.

Changing Jobs

Whether you're moving to a new position, changing careers, recently laid off or considering retirement, any change in your employment status can have long-term financial implications. Don't let the joy of a promotion or the stress of a spouse leaving the job market compromise good financial decisions. Veracity Financial Services will work with you to consider all your options. 


At best, divorce can be daunting. The prospect of divorce may have you focusing on issues of the past, such as "Who did the most work?" or "Who contributed which assists to the marriage?" A professional who counsels during divorce is focused on the future. We look to the years following the divorce to help you answer "How can I be sure that I will be financially secure after my divorce?"

Financial lives are complicated, but you should never let fears divert good financial decisions. Our goal is to help protect your lifestyle and empower you to make the best decisions for your situation. If you are anticipating a divorce, are currently in proceedings, or have finalized your divorce, we will:

  • analyze your unique situation
  • listen to your goals
  • provide clarity of what you have and what your financial future will look like


For many of us, providing the opportunity to send our children or grandchildren to college is one of life's greatest dreams. The earlier you start saving and planning, the better especially considering that college costs tend to increase at a much higher rate than inflation. 

Meeting a financial goal like this isn't impossible. It just takes planning, which means starting early and sticking to your plan. Veracity Financial Services specializes in comprehensive and holistic planning. We create a personalized strategy that fits your situation. Click here for some other helpful resources we have identified.

First Job

The first job of your career is an exciting time that is full of promise for the future, and the satisfaction that your hard work is paying off, literally. As you work to make your career everything you want it to be, Veracity Financial Services is here to support you. Now that you have regular income, what's the best way to live the life you want today while saving for the future?

A first job can bring many new financial responsibilities, from creating a realistic budget, to estimating how much you'll need to save for retirement. Retirement may seem far away, but it's important to consider it as part of your short and long-term goals.

 We understand it can be overwhelming to think about all these new financial responsibilities and how they affect your life. Contact Veracity Financial Services to begin putting a plan in place, and put you on the path to financial independence.

Long Term Care

Although it may not be a popular subject, it's very important to consider the best way to care for yourself or your loved ones. There are many misconceptions about long term care, and consequently many people do not know all their long term care options. What is Long Term Care? Click here to learn the basics from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Are you prepared to provide the kind of care you want for your parents? Do you, want to be prepared to live comfortably and free of the fear of burdening your loved ones? There are often many financial questions with elderly care, from estate planning and trusts, to Medicare. Though it may not seem possible, it's usually good to separate your emotional needs from the financial needs. What's best for the health of you and/or your parent is the primary concern. Click here for more information on they types of long term care services.

Just as there are many kinds of long-term care services and supports, so is there a wide range of costs for them. While some people may qualify for a public program, most people use a variety of options, including long-term care insurance, personal income and savings, life insurance, and annuities.  At Veracity Financial Advisers we take a comprehensive holistic approach to planning. Our goal is to give people truthful information, based on education and experience. Our clients are empowered to make the best decisions for their situation.

Schedule an appointment with Veracity Financial Services to discuss your current situation, and to help determine which options may be best for you.


A wedding is often the happiest day in a person's life. As you begin your married life together, don't let joining assets overshadow the joy of joining your lives. Marriage can bring up many financial questions, but it's important to take things one step at a time, and Veracity Financial Services is with you every step of the way.

If you are still planning the big day, don't overlook event insurance. When you are married large decisions like the titling of major assets, appropriate levels of insurance, and sufficient emergency savings are critical. Even choosing which spouse's healthcare plan to use can be daunting. As you start your lives together, it won't be long before you start facing large financial needs. It's very important to keep retirement savings a priority.

We understand it can be overwhelming to think about all these new financial responsibilities.  We believe that with the right planning Veracity Financial Services can help put you on the path to achieve your financial goals.


Whether you are getting your first apartment or your dream home, the excitement of moving can be stressful. With proper planning you can focus on unpacking and not your checking account. Veracity Financial Services will work with you one step at a time, and determine a strategy to fulfill your needs. First, we'll discuss if buying or renting is right for your situation. Consider what buying a new home will do to your monthly expenses. Avoid using your emergency reserve as a down payment. We'll help you determine how to finance your new purchase while continuing to focus on your long-term goals.

New Wealth

New wealth is more than individuals who win the lottery. Veracity Financial Services' provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to financial management that aligns wealth with life goals. We work with clients to ease them into the world of high net worth  with the mission help protect and grow their wealth.

Entrepreneurs  - Our entrepreneur clients face the daunting challenge of staying fully focused on their own businesses while needing to make smart personal financial decisions. Because of the complexity of their assets, these clients typically lack the time and expertise to manage their own wealth. Failure to address issues can result in inefficient planning and major tax liabilities.

Business Owners & Executives - Our experience with clients in many industries is that things can quickly change. As such, cash flow management throughout one's career can be critical. This means balancing income against current and future consumption and planning for retirement and other purposes.

Divorcees - Few things rank higher in emotional turmoil than divorce. During this stressful period, divorced individuals are often faced with immediate and overwhelming demands of managing cash flow, taxes, assets, and the numerous other facets and obligations of their new personal financial situation. During these difficult transitions, the support of a well-rounded and knowledgeable professional is particularly important.

Inheritors - A sizable inheritance often brings with it high expectations for protecting and maximizing the benefit of assets received. Our clients that  inherit seek to sustain value and, often, to share assets with future generations, or create a legacy through philanthropy.

Retirees - We have found that many retirees fit the "new wealth" designation as they access — for the first time — considerable assets amassed over their careers. As early retirement and longer life expectancies often result in retirements lasting several decades, careful planning and coordination can be critical.

Prepare for Baby

Your life will never be the same — and neither will your wallet. Babies are costly, and it's wise to have a financial road map before the expenses start adding up. From the first prenatal visit to college graduation day (and beyond), there will never be another event in your life that spells financial change quite like becoming a parent. Veracity Financial Services is dedicated to help protect and grow your wealth, so you can focus on loving and protecting your family. Consider:

Health Insurance* - If you do not have it, get it. If you are insured, research your benefits (screening tests, vitamins, office visits, types of childbirths, etc.) Talk to your doctor about both pre-natal and post-natal needs and possible complications. 

Maternity Leave - Research your employer’s policies as well as your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Also, decide if you will take unpaid leave once your paid leave expires. You should start saving and budgeting in advance.

Disability Insurance* - If you don't already have disability insurance, you may only qualify for non-pregnant related accidents. However, your partner is fully insurable. Now's the time to make sure your family is protected for the short, and long term.

Life Insurance* - We understand that it can be unpleasant to think about, but it is very important. Should anything happen to you or your partner, life insurance ensures your child's financial security.

Estate Planning - If you have a 401K or retirement account, update the beneficiaries if necessary. The same goes for your will and your advance medical directives. These are a must-have once you become a parent. Name a guardian for your child and outline any financial arrangements for after your passing. Visit the estate planning page to learn more.

Savings Plan - There is no crystal ball, but plan how much you need to save each month for future expenses, such as tuition, summer camp, orthodontics, bar mitzvahs and weddings. We understand it can be daunting, but Veracity Financial Services specializes in growing and helping to protect your wealth. A little planning, and a consistent and disciplined savings plan can go a long way to financial security.

*Not all services are offered though INVEST. 


For many people, the closer they get to retirement, the more concerned they get about whether they have saved enough or not. There are many financial needs to think about when getting close to retirement, from wondering what your Social Security benefit will look like, to understanding IRA disbursement. You may even think about what it will be like to live on a fixed income for the rest of your life. As early retirement and longer life expectancies often result in retirements lasting several decades, careful planning and coordination is critical.

Before you do anything, just relax. Don't try to think about everything at once. Regardless if you are starting to save for retirement or nearing retirement, it's a great time to refine your plan, or even put one in place for your golden years.

To do all of the things you want to do in retirement, you'll need to make smart financial decisions. By meeting with you to better understand your situation, we can develop a strategy to help you manage your retirement. We are here to help you identify and prioritize your financial goals. Contact Veracity Financial Services for a complimentary retirement planning consultation.

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