Business Valuation

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Why obtain a specific value of the business?

  • Establish your starting line and distance to the desired finish
  • Reveal organization inefficiencies with up to 20 key financial performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Utilize KPI's in comparing organization's performance with the norms for its industry
  • Test current exit objections
  • Provide importance tax information
  • Provide ownership (and employees) and objective basis for incentive plans
Veracity Advisers’ Business Valuation Facts:

Typical Business Valuation Service

VA’s Online Business Valuator

 Costs $8,000 on average

 Costs a fraction of that price

 Lengthy real-world process

 7 simple online steps

 Takes months to complete

 Receive a valuation in days

Your customized 20-page Business Valuation Report includes:


  • 4 business valuation scenarios, including asset sale value, equity sale value, enterprise value, and liquidation value.
  • Financial snapshot and 3-year summary, with a quick overview of business income, assets, and liabilities.
  • Comparative financial analysis and charts, including key performance metrics such as Sales and Cash Flow growth.
  • Competitive Ratio analysis comparing your business’s performance against your peers and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Find out what your business is truly worth and start making better decisions for your company and its growth.

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